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Single gray over black aquagrip dash pad

Aquagrip Boat Dash Pad

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your boat console top organized and free from clutter? The Aquagrip Boat Dash Pads offer the perfect solution. These dash pads are made with the strongest Crosslink PE/EVA blended foam in the marine industry, offering superior UV and stain resistance.


One of the standout features of these dash pads is their genuine 3M Marine grade pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. This ensures a superior bond that will keep the dash pad in place, even in harsh marine environments. Additionally, the Dash Pads come in two sizes and colors, with the larger version capable of holding your keys, wallet, and other small items.


Aquagrip offers custom options as well. Whether you need a specific color, thickness, or size, or even want your logo included, they can build you the perfect dashpad to fit your needs. If you're looking for a fully custom option, Aquagrips can help you create a template to send to them for digitization.


And when it's time to clean your boat, the built-in drain on these dash pads allows water to exit easily. We take pride in crafting these dash pads in our shop in Prospect, CT, ensuring the highest quality.


Say goodbye to cluttered and disorganized console tops with Aquagrip Dash Pads. If you have any questions or want to order a custom dash pad, you can email Aquagrip at or call/text us at 203.580.8080.






  • Product Specs

    • Large - 15" wide and 9.5" tall
    • Small - 5.875" wide and 9" tall
    • Genuine 3m Marine Grade Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
    • Toughest Crosslink PE/EVA blended foam 
    • Superior UV and Stain Resistance
    • Cut in drain so water can escape
    • Two Colors to choose from
    • Customization available. 
PriceFrom $19.00
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